Teaching Philosophy

Jake Hartge

Vocal Coach & Instrumental Lessons

I am a firm believer that anyone, regardless of age, knowledge, or previous experience can thrive in musical lessons. Private lesson instruction is so valuable for a number of reasons. It gives students time to hone their craft and their technique, something, especially in musical theatre, that usually gets overlooked in the grand scheme of performing. It also gives younger people a chance to explore their changing (female voices change as well) voices in a safe environment. 

Vocally, I do not believe in the term "tone-deaf". I hear it so often in people who 'would love to sing but are tone-deaf'. They just don't have the tools yet to be able to sing properly! 

Overall, I teach and am heavily involved in the arts community because in a time where the arts and music are consistently being defunded, that the arts provide an innumerous amount of benefits, and there are absolutely zero cons to musical education. 

I sincerely hope we can work together to achieve any and all the goals you want to!